leaderiship and committees

Our members are the lifeblood of the club. To get in touch, please send an email to info@bassriveryachtclub.org. Members may log in to access contact information in the directory.


Flag Officers/Officers

Erick Cooper, Commodore

Benjamin Blum, Vice Commodore

Mark E. Ahern, Rear Commodore

Matthew P. Fitzsimmons, Past Commodore

Cindy Muzyka, Treasurer

Liisa Pendleton, Secretary

board of governors

2021–2024: Allen Bottomley, Kim Grossman, Elaine Carter

2022–2025: Douglas Goodnow, Carleton Crockett, John Clark

2023–2026: Robert Harrison, Renan Pinto, Edward Callahan

Race Committee Chair: 

House and Grounds Chair: Mike Duffy

Adult Sailing Chair: Deborah Benassi


Many of the club functions and activities are carried out by our dedicated committees. We will update below with descriptions and committee chairs. Members can find announcements from committees in the member area.

race committee

The race committee organizes and runs a program of club races and regattas for the summer season.


The waterways committee maintains our important club infrastructure that ensures safe access to Bass River.

social committee

The social committee organizes exciting year-round events for our club community.

House and grounds

The house and grounds committee manages the maintenance of the club house and grounds.

Sailing School

The Bass River Sailing School operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Mark E. Ahern, President

Joseph Whittaker, Treasurer

Matthew Fitzsimmons, Clerk

Lesley Callahan, Secretary


board of directors

Erick Cooper

Benjamin Blum

Nicholette Catalano

Trent Lloyd

Jennifer Hunter