More Kitchen Updates

The walls are up, the ceiling has a new layer of drywall and the floor is down. It’s all coming together! We hope to be serving lobster rolls soon!

The new floor is seamless vinyl. The dark area is the grease trap for the dishwasher & main sink which will be installed to the left of this hip-wall.
Commodore Cook reviewing the fireplace with Legacy Committee Member Bob Churchill. The fireplace is original to the structure & all efforts are being made to preserve it.
Note the new pass-through window. There will be a new, larger countertop installed soon.
Looking West into what used to be “Ruth’s Corner”. This was the original kitchen of the Frothingham guest house. There will be a washer/dryer in the left-hand corner. The sink/dishwasher will be to the left of the hip wall. Beyond the doorway is the original bathroom. A space that we have not utilized properly in years past. Now it is winterized & holds the second freezer, water heater, vac & electrical panel. Note the new ceiling with soon-to-be recessed lighting.
The stove will be re-installed in its former location. The additional stainless steel that you see next to the window was the former work top. Jim Carter re-fabricated it to fit seamlessly onto the wall to provide additional safety for the range. There will be a pot sink to the right of the range, shelving, fridge, freezer and ice maker installed on the north wall.