Capri Racing Notice

Capris racing will take place on Saturday 8/8/2020  We are planning on 2 races. The first will start about 10.05, 5 minutes after the start of the first Beetle Cat race, and will follow the same course as the Beetles. The Race Committee announces the course on the water and prior to the start of the 3 minute start sequence. At the moment 2 boats are registered Caroi #1 – Eric GrossmanCapri #3 – Andrew Benassi & Steve Hathaway Capri #2 is still available. Anyone wishing to race can select and reserve this boat using the link at the bottom of the page It takes some time to sail out to the racing area which will be between Bass River and Parker’s River, so plan to start rigging around 8.30 am and leave the dock before 9.00 am