Bass River YC Columbus Day Fun Race
Date: Monday October 12th, 2020
Time: Start of Race will be 10.00 am or soon thereafter. The race will not start until all boats that start rigging by 9.30 am have completed their boat set-up.
Briefing at 9.00 am. This will contain essential race instructions so attendance is very important
Eligibility: Any member of Bass River Yacht Club may participate. There is no charge or fee to enter this race.
Classes: This race is open to Capris, and Beetle Cats. All classes will sail together in the same race
Course: The course will be determined by the Race Committee depending on wind speed and direction, current and tide height. The course will be provided to participants at the 9.00 am briefing prior to the race. The start and finish will be at the BRYC docks.
Type of Race:
This will be a team race. Team leaders will be nominated. Team leaders will select team members one at a time in rotation. Everyone who arrives by 9.30 will be eligible to race. Teams will form crews of two persons. Capris will be allocated by a method decided by RC.
The start of the first race will consist of the first crew in each team. This crew will complete the course and cross the finish line. The next race will consist of the second crew from each team and races will continue until all participants have raced. Capri sailors may not race twice. Beetle Cat sailors may race more than once but may only skipper once.
Scoring will be on the Low Point system. First place scores 1 point, second scores 2 points, etc.
The results of all races will be tabulated and summarized. The team with the lowest number of points will be the winner.
Example Scoring
Team A Team B Team C Team D Team E
Race 1
Race 2
Race 3

Prizes: Prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the Race Committee.

Social Sailing Committee
Chair - Julian Mallett