Adult Sailing News

Wednesday June 12th-Our Adult Social Sailing program kicked off the evening with an hour of dock side hands on lessons in main sail preparation and line management provided by a seasoned group of member instructors.  This complimented last week’s classroom instruction by Julian Mallet. After a hearty dinner, the evening continued indoors with an informative talk from guest speaker Coast Guard Officer Bruce Brady.  Mr. Brady gave information on the proper use PFD’s, and other safety equipment to elevate our safety advantage while boating. He also encouraged members to rethink their safety habits of mind when out in our coastal waters.   To the surprise of many in attendance, Mr. Brady warned that inflatable PFD’s ARE NOT recommended to Kayak users.  Re-entry into an overturned kayak is nearly impossible with an inflatable PFD.  This should be helpful information to our kayak users at the club.  Over all it was a well-attended, informative, and fun evening.  If you are interested in being part of this program, look for our next Wednesday evening Social Sailing event and join in.  Drop-in’s and first-time members are welcome. Our goal is to provide any interested adult an on the water sailing experience.  A special thanks to John Gullet for these photographs.