Adult Sailing Gets Some Wind in its Sails!

As the BRYC fully winds up for year 2019, preparations are being made to offer an exciting  new program targeting adult members of the club.  In short, it’ll be breathing new life into a program that used to be offered at the club.  Basically, its offering sailing opportunities to those from the rusty to the self professed non-sailors.  This writing is meant to inform while specific details are being worked out for later release. Julian Mallet has graciously spearheaded this effort and along with many other longtime BR sailors have enthusiastically agreed to share their knowledge and time with us. As Julian’s initial vision unfolds it promises to attain the ultimately simple goal of getting more of us ( its members ) on the water.  

Maybe like us you’ve had days that you longingly gazed out at the water seeing folks sail without the knowledge or means to participate. Many of those very folks on the water are members and want to include you.  We hope those of you wanting to be included (just like the two of us did) will recognize this as a unique opportunity, its a way to bridge the gap between not having a sail boat and wanting to have an on the water experience at our club.

Today we write to the membership to heighten awareness, stir enthusiasm, and to thank the seasoned sailors for reaching out.  Most importantly, we write to include any of you interested in this unique opportunity. Pre-planning meetings by the Adult Sailing Committee continue, sail boats have been secured, eager sailors committed and willing participants at the ready. Wednesday nights beginning in June are reserved for the on the water portion of the program.

Many of you attended our recent informal, it was featured as an introductory night to roll out this concept while the program takes shape.  Many of you also filled out participation forms expressing the level of interaction in which you are interested.  This has helped us facilitate and craft the program to serve common interests.  If you missed the first one, the social committee has a date set for another sailing informal hosted by Jon and Debby Wood Saturday May 4th.   Also, tentative dates for early season Wednesday night offerings for on shore sailing familiarity classes are also being worked out with topics ranging from safety, sailing vocabulary, knot tying and more. For specific details periodically check us out for updates at the link on the BRYC site

The ability to transition this concept into reality and give it legs throughout the summer rests with your participation.  Where else could you glean hundreds of years of combined experience for free?  The club’s sailors are offering to share with those of us interested, the great gift of you participating and being shown the ropes.  All of this facilitated by all their expertise, their boats, and their time.  Here’s to Wednesday Nights!

Sincerely Yours,

Edward & Lesley Callahan